How It Works

Koko Ni is a holistic solution among aging-in-place technologies.

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Our Solution

A centralized platform and application provide caregivers with a means to track and monitor the well-being of individuals, while being able to proactively act in the case of an emergency


Our technology is built on a robust and scalable platform that allows for the integration of third-party devices and services. This allows for a seamless and informative experience for caretakers

Aging Individuals

With Koko Ni, aging individuals can live their day to day lives with comfort and confidence knowing that they have a guide looking out for the health and well-being while being non invasive.

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Introducing Koko

Koko Ni device

Monitor the Health of Loved Ones

Our solution requires a subtle ceiling mounted IoT device with a camera, microphone, speaker, and internal processor.


Easy Installation

Our device is simple to install and easy to register with our platform.

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Mobile App

Koko Ni mobile app

Send Recorded Messages

Koko Ni mobile app

Check on Important Health Vitals

Koko Ni mobile app

Be Notified of Concerns

Getting Started


Purchase the Koko Ni Solution from our website or any of our partners


Setup is easy and only take a few minutes. Our team also offers at home installation


Our solution is set it and forget, so you can enjoy your life without worry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Koko Ni for?

Koko Ni is built for caretakers, and elders who want to bring the gap between healthy living during retirement while being able to have the comfort of a non invasive and intuitive platform to guide and support them

What makes Koko Ni different from other products?

Koko Ni is a holistic solution that leverages multiple technologies to provide information, support, and guidance which other products only fulfill portions of.