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Our Mission

The presence of a parent or a grandparent during any of life’s most important moments such as a wedding or birth of a child can never be quantified. As sacred as these moments are, so to is the company we keep that elevates them. We believe that family is the root to all there is in this world. As we look back towards our roots, we look upon our elders; The ones who hold great wisdom, and therefore great social value. By predicting or sensing a medical emergency that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, a life is being saved, preserving the ability to create more moments that we cherish.

It is this preservation of valued life, without taking pride or joy, that adds social value. We understand that in today’s day and age, the constant state of worry for a parent or grandparents well-being can be overwhelming while at great distances. Through assuring their parent’s health, children and family can live without the stress or fear of being absent in times of duress. This provides for a happier and more secure group of adults concerned for their aging parents. Family is home, and these moments are sacred. To us, this is a social value that can never be quantified.

Our Expertise

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Connectivity, way-finding, and proactive care

Our team has years of experience across design, business, and engineering. Learn more about who we are and why Koko Ni is important us.

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Our Approach

Each of us knows first hand the challenges with current solutions, and also the value they have the potential to bring. This is why our solution has put together the most valuable aspects to create a product that will delight our customers – Allowing parents and grandparents to enjoy their life while providing caretakers a way to monitor and provide care more effectively.