Beyond fall detection – A predictive analytics platform, here for them


Human Connectivity

An ecosystem built for both individuals and their caretakers


Beyond just fall detection, be alerted of all emergencies


See degrading health before the horrific happens

The data is sent to the cloud, where analysis occurs, providing predictive metrics and extracting relevant trends.


In home hardware that locally extracts key metrics and keeps your data safe and secure. 




Metrics displayed intuitively through the Koko Ni interface. See today’s health metrics and compare to their baseline.

Our Mission

The presence of a parent or a grandparent during any of life’s most important moments, such as a wedding or birth of a child, can never be quantified. As sacred as these moments are, so too are the company we keep that elevates them. We believe that family is the root of all there is in this world. We understand the constant state of worry for a loved one’s well-being can be overwhelming while at great distances. Our system takes away the unknown. By predicting or sensing a medical emergency that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, one’s life may be saved, preserving the ability to create more moments that we cherish.

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